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Self pick up is also available at at Damai Craftworld & Event Center (also known as Damai Central)
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Abeng Arur Layun (Ikan Cincang Tumis)
Abeng Arur Layun (Ikan Cincang Tumis)RM10.60RM95.40Quick View
Acar Timun
Acar TimunRM5.30Quick View
Arur Dalan
Arur DalanRM5.30RM58.30Quick View
Bua' Petar Senaaq Pa Mada (Petai Cincang & Ikan Bilis Tumis)
Bua' Petar Senaaq Pa Mada (Petai Cincang & Ikan Bilis Tumis)RM5.30RM58.30Quick View
Busak Luduh Kerabu Mangga (Kerabu Mangga Kantan)
Busak Luduh Kerabu Mangga (Kerabu Mangga Kantan)RM8.48RM63.60Quick View
Daun Ubi Tutuk
Daun Ubi TutukRM8.48RM63.60Quick View
Eggplant With Salted Fish
Eggplant With Salted FishRM10.60RM95.40Quick View
Fish Fillet
Fish FilletRM15.90RM95.40Quick View
Ikan Masak Asam Pedas
Ikan Masak Asam PedasRM10.60RM84.80Quick View
Labo Belatuh Pa Lungan (Daging Goreng Kayu Manis)
Labo Belatuh Pa Lungan (Daging Goreng Kayu Manis)RM10.60RM95.40Quick View
Labu Masak Lemak
Labu Masak LemakRM8.48RM63.60Quick View
Manok Pansoh
Manok PansohRM10.60RM84.80Quick View
MidinRM10.60RM95.40Quick View
Mixed Vegetables
Mixed VegetablesRM10.60RM95.40Quick View
Nasi Bario Kukus
Nasi Bario KukusRM5.30Quick View
Nasi Briyani Masala
Nasi Briyani MasalaRM12.72Quick View
PrawnRM15.90RM95.40Quick View
Puluh Semaaq (Pucuk Rebung Cincang Tumis)
Puluh Semaaq (Pucuk Rebung Cincang Tumis)RM5.30RM58.30Quick View
Sarawak Ethnic Kitchen Set Combo
Sarawak Ethnic Kitchen Set ComboRM12.72Quick View
Sarawak Highlander Ethnic Cuisine Set Combo
Sarawak Highlander Ethnic Cuisine Set ComboRM15.90Quick View
Sayur Paku Pakis Masak Belacan
Sayur Paku Pakis Masak BelacanRM8.48RM63.60Quick View
SCV Pineapple Fried Rice
SCV Pineapple Fried RiceRM15.90RM95.40Quick View
SCV Tom Yum Fried Rice
SCV Tom Yum Fried RiceRM15.90RM95.40Quick View
Seafood Set Combo
Seafood Set ComboRM15.90Quick View
SquidRM15.90RM95.40Quick View
Steam Rice
Steam RiceRM2.12Quick View
Sweet Corn Soup
Sweet Corn SoupRM15.90RM95.40Quick View
Tom Yum Seafood Soup
Tom Yum Seafood SoupRM15.90RM95.40Quick View
Umai Sarawak
Umai SarawakRM10.60RM84.80Quick View